(X7) Xmas Cake

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The Xmas Cake is perfect for the Xmas party that you are hosting at home. The beautiful Xmas Cake is all about the spirit of Christmas, and it could not get any better. The beautiful cake is an absolute delight both to your eyes and of course, your taste buds. The wonderful cake tastes equally good like its stunning looks, if not better. This delightful cake will definitely become the heart of your Christmas party. Here’s another interesting thing- this wonderful cake has an amazing price too.

  • The total  Xmas Cake has an overflowing coating of whipped cream.

  • The all-eggless cake is decorated with both - cream and fondant.
  • The cake has a dedicated sponge base that is amazingly fresh, light, airy, and heavenly delicious.

(X7) Xmas Cake