Apply Franchise

We at ‘Cake break’ have earned fame and name and want to reach each and every nook & corner of the country.

While everyone is talking about our quality of eggless cakes, sometimes their desire to reach us is barred by geographical boundaries. So we are looking for promising aspirants who can partner with us so that we reach out to every egg-free cake lover. If you are located in an area that is blessed with a lot of potential customers, you are invited to drop in your application and be our business partners.

Please make a note of certain points before you apply for a franchise at Cake Break:

•    You need to be a UK resident having a valid business permit.

•    You must be located on the main street or at least placed near it.

•    Having a place in an already existing shopping complex will be an added advantage.

•    You must be holding a good relationship with the residents of the area. Remember, a good public relation person is a good businessman.

•    You will get all possible support from us

Collect orders from us, and we will supply you the cake of your customer’s desire. Needless to mention, you will earn a profit from each order, and together, we will grow in terms of business. Since we can’t reach each and every corner of the country, our cake lovers will contact you to order their very special piece of egg-free cake.

A knack of baking and public relations will make you the fittest person for a franchise position at Cake Break. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to imbibe your most favorite passion and be the magic baker in your area associating with a trusted brand like “Cake Break.” Let others take a break while you own a proud franchise of ‘Cake Break!’