Privacy Policy

1.  We at Cake Break are fully committed to protecting your personal information like email id, address, date of birth, phone number, and other details furnished while booking orders.

2. We collect all these personal information when you fill in our website details online for business purpose, giving suggestions or feedbacks.

3. All personal information so collected by us is strictly used for lawful purposes meant for – future communication, managing promotional activities, and better customer services.

4. By collecting information what we mean is that it’s not only restricted to marketing communication but also for the promotion of our products and services that may involve our strategic partners.

5. Administrative purpose includes internal record keeping.

6. Information may also be used for marketing analytics and forecasting consumer behavior.

7. We may give your personal information to any third party, especially for the purpose of ongoing promotional contests or campaigns.

8. Our website is related to the service of third parties, but we are not responsible for how they use your data.

9. Cookies are generally used to save the user preferences of the internet provider. We can contact the third party service providers, thereby assisting us better understand our visitors.

10. While you are using our digital and marketing services on our website, you have to abide by our privacy policy. Hence, you are requested to review our privacy policy periodically.

11. We generally are committed not to disclose personal data without your consent until and unless permitted by law to do so.

12. The personal information used by us will be truly yours, and you may ask for clarification, modification, or deletion of the same.

13. You might receive emails/newsletters regarding various third-party promotions and/or ongoing marketing offers from time to time, including those that may require your friend's details for the sole purpose of promotion.

14. You may anytime get in touch with us for promotional queries or any particular information regarding any of our third-party brands.

15. Although you will receive regular information from us regarding promotional campaigns from time to time either through SMS or emails, you may choose to unsubscribe from such services anytime you wish.

16. We will by law protect your personal information provided by you anytime you visit our website, but we do not guarantee that your data will be 100 % secured as no electronic media can ever guarantee so.

In case you have any query regarding our privacy policy, you can call or email us to clarify any point or may contact us directly at our registered address.