About Us

Have you heard of ‘Cake Break Ltd’? We are passionate team of bakers, who under the leadership of Mrs. Richa Chawla, craft eggless cakes of the highest quality to create wonders. Our main shop is based at Oldbury, Birmingham, United Kingdom. We gave our passion a professional shape on 9th May 2018 when we established our very first shop. Our specialties are, of course, superior standard eggless cakes, spongy and delicious and those are perhaps unforgettable in taste.

We take into consideration our customers’ happiness seriously, so we have kept the prices quite close to a reality that you don’t feel the pressure on your pocket, but experience sheer happiness every time you carry home one of our eggless cakes.

Our kitchen is not just at a hand’s distance but under the same roof. We accept orders and work really hard to make your dream a reality.

Our professional team works dedicatedly to make your special day our sole satisfaction. The team adores your merriment and time before anything else. Our exclusive guarantee is on quality, value, and not to mention unparalleled customer service.

Kindly surf through our various designs of cakes made until now and uploaded online for your kind perusal. You will see multiple categories of eggless cakes, varying in size, shape, flavor, and color.

Yes, when you come to our shop, we value your preference, convenience, and of course your designs. Our egg-free cakes are made from high-quality fresh ingredients hand-chosen by our team.

As we always say, quality is our main motto, and we value our standards before profit. Our team of experts will take the main noting of the pitch, design, and ask for your approval before they bring the cake into reality.

Before you come to us spending your valuable time and money, we’ll advise you to have a look at our customer recommendations, and of course their feedback because Cake Break Ltd always put our customer’s choice first.

Not only fancy creamy egg-free cakes, but we also specialize in fruit cakes and simple eggless cakes to enjoy during a tea or coffee break. So, if you are planning to have a party at home, office, or carry some eatables for a picnic, don’t forget to see us as we bake for your satisfaction.

Our affordable square and round eggless cakes might be your first choice for a small scale celebration. We also design world-class tier cakes, which will make a wedding event memorable and cherishable. Trust us; your guest won’t merely disappear without asking the name of the baker. Before you afford to have a break from the daily boredom and pricey pieces of cake, available around the city, we would suggest you have a ‘Cake Break Ltd,’ and you will know the difference yourselves.