Returns / Cancellations

We at Cake Break accept orders from customers and are committed to delivering them within the stipulated date. Although we always accept full payment, In case you want to cancel a particular order, you can do so, but then we deduct a certain amount as cancellation charges.

Here are some essential elements of our Returns and Cancellations Policy:

•    The cake you order should be consumed within 24 hours of completion and handing over to the customer.

•    There are certain structures like toothpicks and dowels that need to be removed from the tiered cakes before consumption. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the cake while removing those.

•    In case you have finalized the design of the cake and paid a certain amount as advance, we will accept your order. But later if you decide to change the design, we will arrange for the alteration, but after deducting some additional charges.

•    If you find a portion of the cake perished or about to perish, we will definitely replace it. However, you need to produce the cake physically as proof of your claim. Any solid complaint regarding the ingredients used will be accepted.

•    We do not give any guarantee on the color and milk allergens and other ingredients we use in our eggless cakes, but we will definitely provide you with the full information of the things used to make the cake.

•    Any product-related complaints will be accepted within 24 hours from when you receive your cake. We clearly mention that all our products should be best consumed within 24 hours from completion.

•    In case you want to return any of our products with a valid reason, you are expected to come to our shop and personally return it. We do not drop or pick products to or from your residence.

We care about quality and customer preference the most, but we also have high expectation from our esteemed customers that they also have trust in us and in our products and services.