Vegan Cakes (Dairy Free)

Vegan Cakes - The Best Deal For a Dairy Free Choice

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Might be because some animal lovers love to go a ‘dairy free’ way and prefer cakes to be likewise. If you are looking for a good-quality vegan sponge cake, just take a peep at the Cake Break shop on your way; you will find delicious cakes that can enlighten your table on your special day.

Why Our Vegan Sponge Cakes Are So Much in Demand?

When we don’t prefer using the normal dairy product as a softener in the cake, we generally try using alternatives like sour crème and other ingredients to make your cake spongy in texture. Whatever be your choice, Cake Break’s vegan sponge cake can be the most demanding one of your special day adored with mesmerizing décor.

Can Vegan Birthday Cake Be a Special Enjoin?

Vegan birthday cake can be used for any special occasion, and Cake Break, in particular, has great varieties like simple vegan cake, cake with fresh fruits, round cake, vegan cake with fruit mix, square vegan vanilla cake, vegan cake with rainbow sprinklers and many more. Your cake may be loaded with strawberry for an alluring taste.

For us, birthday cakes are always special to make. These eggless cakes demand unique decorations with loads of surprises and mind-boggling taste, which come from the fresh and special ingredients we use in crafting them to perfection.

Is vegan vanilla cake the most widely preferred one?

Vanilla cake is the most desired flavor and goes with any dessert. Vegan vanilla cake made with ingredients other than dairy will be a real treat to people, particularly those who are lactose intolerant. Be indulged in the moist flavor, fluffy and yummy cakes to augment your festive spirit each time you take a bite.

Vegan Cakes versus Non-Vegan Cakes

It goes without saying that our vegan cake is much in demand. People, especially those who are allergic to certain ingredients, including dairy products, are mostly the ones who prefer vegan cakes over non vegan cakes. Besides, you can find a lot of varieties in our vegan cakes, including various types of frosting and icing. Moreover, each of our vegan cake decoration is unique, and the combination of fresh fruits will no doubt be an added ‘tinge’ to the cake.

There are various reasons why people prefer vegan cakes over non-vegan ones. Apart from sharing an emotional bond with animals, there are other valid reasons like saving water, and of course, an urge to better health, including avoidance to diabetes. Not just that, getting nutrition from plants also allows your body getting enough whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, beneficial fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

Ordering any type of vegetarian cake from Cake Break would be simply fabulous. Be it a wide range of flavor, taste, or shapes, we are always ready to add a ‘zing’ to your party anytime, any day with our wide range of vegan cakes.