(Ic5) Blue Weight Lifting Icing Cake

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A gym bod deserves to be spoilt with a cake on their birthday, and when it comes to that, there is nothing better than the Weights Cake Icing Cake Blue to help with that. This Weight Lifting Cake is nothing short of a gym featuring on the top of the cake. Delicate, intricate, and beautiful, it is bound to attract everyone’s attention at the party. The beautiful cake is equally tasty and so, is definitely worth all your money!

  • The round icing weight lifting cake is covered in blue fondant all over.

  • The icing cake is available fully egg-free.
  • The sponge base that the cake possesses is really fresh, soft, and delicious.
  • The top of the cake features barbell, kettlebell, and plate weights.

  • At the base, the cake is encircled by blue beads and black tires, all made of fondant.
(Ic5) Blue Weight Lifting Icing Cake