(V6) Vegan Vanilla Cake With Fresh Fruit

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Vegan Birthday Cake

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The Vegan Vanilla Cake With Fresh Fruit is a great thing to look at. This beautiful Vegan Vanilla Cake tastes just as delicious and even much more! The wonderful square cake looks like an absolute lavish affair. The super-delicious cake will mesmerize you and your guests. Both your taste buds and your eyes will be super satisfied with this cake. All your guests will be impressed by such a great treat. You can also get the cake’s size customized so that it can fit your guest list conveniently without any wastage. Also, the cake's price is reasonable. So, just sit back and enjoy!

  • This Vegan Vanilla Cake comes fully eggless.

  • Its sponge base that is fresh out of the oven and delicious.
  • The whole cake is covered in whipped cream.

  • The top of the cake is covered with several freshly cut fruits like strawberries, kiwis and many more.
(V6) Vegan Vanilla Cake With Fresh Fruit