(C2) Toy Story Cupcakes

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toy story cupcakes
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Hosting a kid’s party at home? The Toy Story Cupcakes are bound to be a quintessential item on the menu. The kids, their love for the Disney characters and their formidable sweet tooth will come together and make the Toy Story Cupcakes a huge hit. Pretty and interesting, these Disney inspired cupcakes taste wonderful. Excellent as they are, they deserve all your money. But hey! These pretty cupcakes are extremely pocket-friendly too. So just relax and let your kids enjoy the very best.

  • The egg-free Toy Story cupcakes have a sponge base that is fresh out of the oven and extremely soft and light.

  • The entire set consists of 6 cupcakes.

  • The blue frosting and the Toy Story decorations on top of the cupcakes are incredible.
(C2) Toy Story Cupcakes