(V4) Vegan Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles

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Vegan Birthday Cake

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The Vegan Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles is best for a perfect birthday party. The Rainbow Sprinkle Cake looks simple and pretty at the same time. The mind blowing taste of the cake will be loved by all your guests will love, and they can't help but ask for more. This cake appeals to both - your eyes and your taste buds equally. Such an excellent cake absolutely deserves all the money you have but wait! This cake is quite affordable and would go very easy on your pocket.

  • The sides of this Rainbow Sprinkle Cake are smeared with the classic rainbow sprinkles.

  • The top is lined with fresh strawberries.
  • The whole of the cake is enveloped with enriched vegan whipped cream.

  • It is fully eggless.
  • It has the ultimate fresh and light sponge base.
(V4) Vegan Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles