(N11) Number One Cake

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Number One Cake rainbow sprinkles fresh fruit anniversary number cake

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Are you celebrating your first anniversary with the love of your life? The Number One Cake is the one that can make your desired party a hit. Special as an anniversary is, it calls for a charming and special cake. The Number One Cake looks stunning and tastes heavenly delicious. The cake is worth all your money but wait! This cake is very affordable. What’s more is that its size is customizable. So, call as many guests as you want to, this cake has got you covered.

  • This eggless Number One Cake, true to its name, is shaped like the digit one.

  • The sponge base of the cake is deliciously soft and fresh.
  • The whole cake is covered in white whipped cream.
  • It is topped with fresh strawberries and chocolates.
  • The edges are gorgeously showered with the classic rainbow sprinkles.

(N11) Number One Cake