(N10) Number 60 Birthday Cake

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Number 60 Birthday Cake fresh cream red and white fresh strawberries number cake

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60th birthday is great, right? How about making it better with a special Number 60 Birthday Cake? Sounds great! This excellent cake deserves all your praise and attention. The Number 60 Birthday Cake looks absolutely sophisticated and lavish. The unique cake is definitely something that you should go for celebrating a 60th birthday party. Delicious and beautiful, this cake deserves to be a part of your party. It also goes easy on your pocket.

  • The two units are each shaped like the digits 6 and 0 respectively.
  • The centers of 6 and 0 are also filled with jelly.
  • This Number 60 Birthday Cake has an egg-free, super-fresh sponge base.

  • The entire cake is covered in and lined with yummy whipped cream.
  • Its top is lined with freshly cut strawberries too.
  • The sides are enveloped with white chocolate shavings.

(N10) Number 60 Birthday Cake