(N4) Number 40 Birthday Cake

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Number 40 Birthday Cake rainbow sprinkles pink and yellow cream number cake

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The Number 40 Birthday Cake is an absolutely stunning masterpiece. Beautiful as it looks, the bright cake tastes delicious too. The lavish cake is worth looking at, and it is a total treat to your taste buds. The Number 40 birthday Cake is just the cake you would want to cut on your 40th birthday. Beautiful, bright, and extravagant looking, the cake is actually very affordable. So it will go very nice and easy on your pocket. Also, the cake can be easily customized, and so is sure to perfectly fit your guest list.

  • The eggless Number 40 Birthday Cake has two different parts put together with perfection. One is shaped like the digit 4 and the other like the number 0.

  • The edges are nicely covered with rainbow sprinkles.
  • The entire cake is enveloped in tempting whipped cream.
  • The top of the digits is covered with colorful flowers, all made of fresh cream.

(N4) Number 40 Birthday Cake