(N8) Number 21 Birthday Cake

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Egg Free Number 21 Birthday Cake rainbow sprinkles and nuts fresh cream fresh fruit and photo number cake

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The Number 21 Birthday Cake is definitely as special as the 21st birthday is. This delicious and beautiful Number 21 Birthday Cake is all that you need to make your birthday extra-special. The cake absolutely screams fun and is as delicious as it looks. It is so pretty that you’d want to keep posting its pictures on social media. This wonderful cake is definitely worth the price you pay for it.

  • This egg-free number 21 birthday cake's sponge base is fresh, light and absolutely delicious.

  • The two units put together are covered graciously in fresh whipped cream.
  • The digit 2 is covered with cut-outs of all the things you love.
  • Some freshly cut fruits enfold the digit 1 of the cake.
  • The edges are nicely coated with rainbow sprinkles.

(N8) Number 21 Birthday Cake