(N5) Number 2 Birthday Cake

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Number 2 Birthday Cake chocolate sprinkles, fresh fruit, fresh cream

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It is said that there is no age restriction towards loving cake and fruits. The Number 2 Birthday Cake is a perfect example of the same. If your child is a fan of fresh fruits, then this Number 2Birthday Cake is definitely the best choice for their second birthday. The delightful cake tastes as good as it looks, if not better. There can be no better combination than fresh fruits and a cake. This fully customizable yet affordable cake brings to you all in one. So, dig in and enjoy.

  • This Number 2 Birthday Cake is shaped exactly like the digit 2.

  • The base of the cake is a sponge that is incredibly light and fresh.
  • The cake is covered in whipped cream while the edges are covered with chocolate sprinkles.
  • It is topped with freshly cut fruits like kiwis, strawberries, and black grapes.

  • There are chocolate logs too.
(N5) Number 2 Birthday Cake