(Ic6) Makeup icing cake

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Do you know someone obsessed with makeup whose birthday is coming up? This Makeup Icing Cake can be the perfect cake for them. The Makeup Birthday Cake looks pretty and cute and is bound to make your makeup lover buddy jump with joy and surprise. Simple yet very intricate, this affordable cake can fit in for a guest list of any size because its size is fully customizable.

  • The beautiful round-shaped  Makeup Birthday cake is covered in white fondant and is topped with all the makeup essentials you could imagine.

  • The base is surrounded by lipsticks and discs. Except for the lipsticks, everything is made out of fondant.
  • The cake is eggless.
  • Its sponge base is light, soft, fresh, delicious, and of course, customizable.

(Ic6) Makeup icing cake