(H1) Heart Wedding Cake

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Heart cake

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The Heart Wedding Cake is really the perfect choice for your wedding reception. The stunning Heart Wedding Cake is just as beautiful as your union with your partner. This cake is serene and lavish at the same time. This adorable cake is a treat both for your eyes and for your taste buds. Glorious as it looks, it would definitely attract all the attention at the party. Delicious as it tastes, it will leave your guests wanting for more. This affordable cake is customizable too - with regards to its size.

  • The light sponge base of the Heart Wedding Cake is too fresh and airy to imagine.

  • The cake has zero egg.
  • The entire cake has a very romantic color scheme of white and red.

  • The prettiest things are the red and white cream roses that line the top of the cake.
(H1) Heart Wedding Cake