(Nk1) Harry Potter Book Cake

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In case if you are wondering how to surprise a Potterhead on their birthday, here is your perfect solution. The Harry Potter Book Cake is a Potterhead’s ultimate dream. This wonderful cake is just as delicious as it looks, if not more. The entire cake is filled with titbits of Harry Potter, and honestly, a fan could not ask for anything more. The delicious cake deserves all your money for driving the Potterhead crazy, but the cake is super pocket-friendly. Also, you could customize its size as per the requirement of your guest list.

  • This excellent Harry Potter Book Cake has a fresh and light sponge base that is airy and soft.

  • The cake is definitely egg-free.
  • The cake is fashioned like a book and is covered all over with whipped cream.

  • The top of the cake is complete with several Harry Potter titbits.
(Nk1) Harry Potter Book Cake