(S6) Pink And Blue Fresh Cream Fruit Cake

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Pink And Blue Fresh Cream Fruit Cake.

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Are you planning a party for your would-be baby? With the excitement of the arrival of a baby getting on to everyone’s heads, it is essential that the cake you choose must stand out. The Pink and Blue Theme Fresh Fruit Cream Cake is a combination of beauty and deliciousness.

  • The sponge base of the vibrant fresh cream fruit cake is absolutely fresh and airy.

  • Light as it is, the sponge base is customizable too.
  • Covered in both pink and blue whipped cream, this delicious cake is covered with rainbow sprinkles on the sides.
  • What’s more, the four top corners of the cake are covered with freshly cut mangoes and strawberries.
  • The whipped cream waves also have red edible beads.

(S6) Pink And Blue Fresh Cream Fruit Cake