(S53) Half and Half Chocolate and Fruit cake

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Looking for a fruit extravaganza for your party cake? This Fresh Cream Fruit Cake is the ultimate perfect choice for you. Although the cake seems extravagant, it is very affordable. Beautiful as it looks, the cake tastes wonderful. The cake looks so aesthetic and lavish that you would want to just keep looking at it.

  • The cake is eggless, so yay!
  • The Fresh Cream Fruit Cake is covered all over with whipped cream and lined on the top with it.

  • Now comes the exciting part: half of the cake has chocolate drippings, and another half has chocolate shaving adorning it.
  • Similarly, the half and half cake is lined on two sides on top with chocolates, and on the other two, there are freshly cut kiwis and strawberries.

(S53) Half and Half Chocolate and Fruit cake