(C7) Cute Xmas Cupcakes

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12 buttercream cupcakes with icing toppers
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The Cute Xmas Cupcakes is all about festivity. These Cute Xmas Cupcakes are so beautiful and vibrant that you would not be able to hold back from clicking its pictures and posting it all over social media. These pretty little cakes are arranged in the shape of a Xmas tree and just as you start thinking that things could not get any better than this - it gets better because all thee cupcakes are very beautifully decorated. These cute cupcakes are extremely affordable too.

  • These Cute Xmas Cupcakes are a set of 12.

  • They are deliciously fresh and completely egg-free.
  • The frosting and the fondant decorations on the cakes are really very pretty.

(C7) Cute Xmas Cupcakes