(X5) Christmas Unicorn Cake

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The one word for the Christmas Unicorn Cake is - magical. The cake is as magical as Christmas, if not more. The Christmas Unicorn Cake definitely has a charm of its own. The cake is so beautiful that you will not be able to take your eyes away from it and crave for more. It is definitely Instagram or any social media feed-worthy. The beautiful cake also tastes wonderful so don't just be surprised with its looks only. The cake is absolutely fresh, and it is also light on your pockets.

  • The custom sponge base of this Christmas Unicorn Cake is perfectly soft, fresh, and light.

  • The cake is without egg.
  •  It has super-rich whipped cream all over it.
  • All the decorations on the cake are made with fondant and whipped cream.

(X5) Christmas Unicorn Cake