(X8) Christmas Tree Cake

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square icing cake
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The Christmas Tree Cake is something that will be loved by everyone, young and old. When the two essentials of Christmas, namely the Christmas tree and the mandatory cake come together as one, things cannot get any more exciting or better. This wonderful Christmas Tree Cake tastes absolutely amazing and looks extraordinarily stunning. This oven-fresh and unbelievably delicious cake is something that every Christmas party deserves. This cake is simply the very best. Here is a secret for you. If you are thinking that the cake might just exceed your budget, then relax! This cake is affordably priced.

  • This Christmas Tree cake has a perfect sponge base with all freshness and deliciousness.

  • The cake is outright eggless.
  • The entire cake is wonderfully coated and designed with fondant.

(X8) Christmas Tree Cake