(T5) Chocolate Shavings Huge Tray Cake

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Eggfree colorful flat roses and pink chocolate shavings huge tray cake.

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Are you looking for a grand celebration for a success that has recently come your way and cannot decide as to what cake to opt for the party? The Chocolate Shavings Huge Tray Cake is what you need for this occasion. The Huge Cake is simply meant to be the center of attraction of any grand party that you can think of. The magnificently delicious cake is just as pretty as its stunning looks. Get your cake’s sponge base customized as per your needs, and go ahead and dig into this beautiful yet affordable cake.

  • This Huge Cake is covered in and decorated intricately with nothing other than fresh whipped cream.

  • On the top, the center of the cake is covered with chocolate shavings.
  • This gorgeous egg-free cake has a fresh sponge base.

(T5) Chocolate Shavings Huge Tray Cake