(S11) Chocolate Glaze Fresh Fruit Cake

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Chocolate Glaze And Mix Fruit Square Cake

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  • The Chocolate Glaze Fresh Fruit Cake is absolutely an exquisite piece of art.
  • This fresh fruit cake is appealing to both - chocolates as well as fruit lovers.

  • The sponge base of this cake is fresh, soft airy and unbelievably wonderful.
  • The cake is covered tip to toe with whipped cream.
  • The sides are detailed with white cream.
  • The top of the cake is glazed with chocolate, making the cake a chocolate lover’s paradise.

  • Next up, is the most beautiful thing of the square cake. Along a diagonal of the cake are arranged freshly cut fruits like kiwis, strawberries, cherries, and mangoes. What goes with them is an assortment of chocolates and chocolate Oreo cookies.
(S11) Chocolate Glaze Fresh Fruit Cake