(S12) Chocolate Explosion Drip Cake

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Chocolate Explosion Drip Cake In Square Shape

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The Chocolate Explosion Drip Cake is an explosion in the most real sense of the term. The beautiful and delicious drip cake is an absolute chocolate overload.

  • Covered in whipped cream and quite literally almost every chocolate known to us, this cake is a lovely piece of art.
  • The base of this drip cake is a sponge which is soft, fresh, and definitely delicious and customizable.

  • The cake is covered with white whipped cream, and the yellow drip only makes it look far more gorgeous.
  • Accompanying that is an array of assorted chocolates. Name it, and you have it. Right from Oreo Cookies to chocolate balls, there is everything in there.
  • The cake is lavish, and it is worth all your money.

(S12) Chocolate Explosion Drip Cake