(D3) Pink And White Dress Icing Belle Doll Cake

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Eggfree pink and white dress icing Belle Doll Cake.

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Dolls are a girl’s best friends; a princess is a little girl’s fantasy and a cake, her utmost delight. So when the three comes together in the Pink And White Dress Icing Belle Doll Cake, it is bound to surprise the little girl on her birthday. The Belle Doll Cake does not just look great but tastes excellent too. At a party where everyone looks forward to the cake, it becomes essential that the cake you choose appeals to both - the eyes and the taste buds. That is exactly what this affordable and customizable cake does.

  • This Belle Doll cake has a light and fresh sponge base.

  • The entire cake is fashioned like a doll, and it looks great.
  • The base is detailed with pink and white fondant.
  • The cake looks absolutely stunning.
  • It does not have eggs in it.

(D3) Pink And White Dress Icing Belle Doll Cake