(D1) Purple And Pink Barbie Doll Cake

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EggFree Purple And Pink fresh cream Barbie Doll Cake

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The Purple and Pink Barbie Doll Cake is exactly what your little doll deserves on her birthday. The Barbie Doll Cake is both cute and delicious at the same time. It is pretty-looking not just to the eyes but also to your taste buds. You are in for a delightful treat when you choose this cake for your little one’s birthday party. It is definitely going to be the center of attraction at the party. The most exciting thing about the cake is that the size of the cake is easily customizable and it is totally pocket-friendly.

  • The unique Barbie Doll Cake has a fresh and soft sponge base.

  • The cake is without egg.
  • The top of the cake has a doll’s bust to make it absolutely realistic.
  • The bottom of the cake is a sponge covered with whipped cream.
  • It is intricately designed with purple and pink whipped cream.
  • The unique design makes the entire cake look like a doll wearing a beautiful gown.

(D1) Purple And Pink Barbie Doll Cake