Tiered Cakes

Tiered Cakes

Tiered Cakes Can Be a Great Choice for Celebrations

Tiered cake can be the most adorable cake for any occasion. These are very much in demand at weddings and other events. Apart from weddings, you can use them on any special occasions. We specialize in fusion and theme cakes, where you may fuse two shapes and apply a little bit of icing to have an eye-catching piece of cake.

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  1. Sky Blue Cake
  2. 2 Tier Chocolate Drip Cake
  3. 2 Tier Tall Cake
  4. Icing CoComelon Cake
  5. 2 Tier Anniversary Cake
  6. 2 Tier Rainbow Colour Burst Cake
  7. 2 Tier Wedding Cake
  8. Rainbow Tiered Cake
  9. Louis Vuitton Cake
  10. Fondant Baby Shower Cake
  11. 2 Tier Black and Gold Cake
  12. Peach Cake

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To add a real thrill to your piece of cake and to make your party a real success, you can opt for a 3 tier cake. As it is one of our special items, our experts accept orders only after proper briefing. Generally, these eggless cakes come with layers and are covered with fondant and icing figures.

You can choose the color of your cake, or we can suggest some.

Tiered Cakes - a Real Piece of Art

When you look for a cake which is not so simple but is a conglomeration of different shapes, you can simply order for a 2 tier cake. We have several designs which can be combined with your imagination, and you can have a great tiered cake to celebrate with.

Generally, marriage, anniversaries, and birthdays are the events for which you may order two or three tier cakes. Our expert bakers craft the layers based on your preference, and you can see the themes reflected in each layer of the cake.

A Tiered Cake for Every Special Person in Your Life

Our tiered cakes are not only vibrant, but we also have a tiered cake for almost every special person in your life. While our animal themed cream and icing tiered cakes can bring a smile to your kid’s face, the wedding tier cakes along with other fresh cream, icing, and fondant varieties can give your partner another good reason to love you more.

Can You Express Your Fantasies With Tier Cakes?

Yes, you definitely can. We at Cake Break are renowned for our eggless tiered cakes. Hence, our customers have a lot of faith in us and expect us to convert their dreams and fantasies to reality through our egg-free three tier cake. These cakes are a great work of layering and technique. The multi-tier cakes rest on dowels and bases and are tied together by means of toothpicks or skewers. Moreover, our tier cakes are also very much in adherence to various popular themes that include famous celebrities and fantasy characters. You can go through our website and catalog to have a detailed idea of all our tiered cakes and order your favorite ones to make your celebrations more happening.