Birthday Square Cakes

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  1. Pink Roses Birthday Cake
  2. Pink Cream Cake
  3. Fruit Explosion Cake
  4. lego cake
  5. Fruit Cake
  6. Blue Ombre Cake
  7. Truck Cake
  8. Lotus Biscoff Cream Cake
  9. Lilac Drip Cake
  10. Nikah Cake
  11. Butter Cake
  12. Chocolate Finger Cake

Items 37-48 of 79

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Are you looking towards ordering an outstanding cake for a birthday or any other special event?

Your search ends here as Cake Break is there to bring you the best of its creation, square birthday cakes for your perusal.

What Makes Square Cakes at Cake Break So Special?

Although Cake Break is specialized in all types and shapes of cakes, our square cakes are the most popular ones. You will get various types of flavor, and our specialty lies in the fondant we craft to make your square cake look even more enticing. Our special fondant cake will be the most attractive piece of cake to buy. We use fresh ingredients, fresh crème, and of course the best quality of food color keeping your health in mind. Our unique designs – ribbed, fondant, fresh fruits, chocolate, and vanilla are no lesser than a piece of art. Moreover, square cakes can be carried easily and have a maximum surface area for decoration.

How Affordable Are the Square Cakes at Cake Break?

Egg free Square cakes at Cake Break are always affordable and sumptuous. A standard sized fresh cream cake will cost you around 15-22 pounds. Well, the topping will vary along with the color and theme of the cake. Baked eggless, the cakes are soft like a sponge and laid with jam and crème of your choice. Considering the ingredients used, the cakes are priced on average credibility. If you want to go for two or three-tier cakes, the price will vary accordingly.

Can the Square Cakes Be of Custom Design and Flavor?

We always prefer going for standard flavor, design, and color. But, if you give us a customized order, we would craft it exactly the way you want it to be. If you request a special picture, we will respect your wish and arrange for the same, too.

We are just at hand’s distance from your house, and always ready to serve your choice of square birthday cakes that also matches your desire. We at Cake Break believe cakes are just an expression of your heart-filled warm wishes for your dear ones and a reason to celebrate.